Scott Harris

Harris’s contribution to Hipgnosis Songs is split between this solo deal and also his Rebel One deal.

Harris’s closest relationship has been with the Island recording artist Shawn Mendes. The combination of this artist with these Harris songs has launched an act to near stadium levels of success. He is a huge live phenomenon alongside both spectacular singles and album sales success. Harris contributed to 10 out of the 12 tracks on Shawn’s debut album Handwritten in 2015. Similarly, he handled 10 out of the 12 tracks on the follow up album Illuminate in 2016, and 13 out of the 14 on the third self-titled album. The song There’s Nothing Holding Me Back became a Top Ten hit on either side of the Atlantic and now has achieved well in excess of a billion streams.

Harris has also contributed to the success of Dermot Kennedy, one of the true global breakthrough successes of the last two years, due to the powerful hits Power Over Me and Outnumbered.