Hipgnosis & ESG

To achieve our purpose, Hipgnosis has to generate attractive financial returns from our business; to do that we need to have the right resources and relationships in place and to nurture them.

Our business takes the form of investment in the intellectual property rights of proven hit Songs of cultural importance.

While music copyrights do not have any significant environmental or corporate governance implications, per se, being abstract legal entitlements rather than corporate or physical entities, we seek to ensure that the conduct of our business and the promotion of our Songs is undertaken in a manner consistent with best practice in ESG.

This is because our activities have a high profile and our actions, as custodians of these musical assets, can have an impact across society and the musical community.

Which is why our ulterior motive is at the heart of our stated purpose: to use the importance of our unparalleled Catalogue and financial clout as influence to improve the Songwriter’s position in the economic equation. What is good for Songwriters is good for all of our stakeholders. This ethos flows into wider ESG issues, too.

Our ability to continue to grow our business and be successful is entirely contingent on our integrity and behaviour. As a consequence, our responsible investment policy is constantly evolving. As a first mover in our asset class, we seek to set the benchmark for responsible investment in music assets for others to measure themselves against.

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