The newly formed Hipgnosis Songs Group (HSG), formerly Big Deal Music, allows the Fund to benefit from its own administration in the US and gives us controlled and limited exposure to Song Creation which will lead to the Catalogues of tomorrow.

What We Do

The administrative side of the music business can be incredibly complex. Registering and administering copyrights, negotiating licenses, tracking song usage and collecting payments for song royalties aren’t tasks that just anyone can (or should) do. But it’s what we do best at HSG.

Service Listing

  • Create and maintain song files for all active titles
  • Register copyrights and sound recordings with the Library of Congress
  • Clear and/or index titles with the performing rights societies, review and maintain accurate registrations, submit cue sheets, handle counter claims and erroneous registrations
  • Register with and collect from international sub-publishing affiliates
  • Submit song schedules and activity to foreign sub-publishers for collections
  • Negotiate and execute all license types (no US third-party licensing agent utilized)
  • Monitor and claim publishing for online videos (YouTube)
  • Conduct line-item audits on all source documents, ensuring that licensees are paying correct rates, reporting accurate units and paying for all licensed usages
  • Render statements to client, and any designated royalty recipients under contract with client, on a quarterly basis
  • Solicit compositions for film, TV and commercial placements worldwide
  • Facilitate co-writing opportunities and artist collaborations.


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