Hipgnosis Song Management

Hipgnosis Song Management (HSM) is the Investment Adviser for Hipgnosis Songs Fund (SONG.L) and Hipgnosis Songs Capital. Hipgnosis has acquired, and is responsible for, the Song Management of over 150 of the most extraordinarily successful and culturally important Song catalogues of all time with a Net Asset Value over $3 billion.

Hipgnosis was founded by Merck Mercuriadis, former manager of globally successful recording artists, such as Elton John, Guns N’ Roses, Morrissey, Iron Maiden and Beyonc√©, and hit songwriters such as Diane Warren, Justin Tranter and The-Dream. Hipgnosis has assembled an Advisory Board of highly successful music industry experts which include award winning members of the artist, songwriter, publishing, legal, financial, recorded music and music management communities, all with in-depth knowledge of music publishing. Members of Hipgnosis Song Management Ltd Advisory Board include Nile Rodgers, The-Dream, Giorgio Tuinfort, Starrah, David A. Stewart, Poo Bear, Bill Leibowitz, Ian Montone and Rodney Jerkins.