Hipgnosis Songs Group (HSG)

HSG is the home for our Song Creation and Song Administration activities. HSG aims to provide a nurturing and prosperous home for incredibly authentic songwriters and artists who are driven to ever redefine the intersection of music and popular culture. HSG fosters a forward-thinking team environment that attracts multi-generational songwriters and artists seeking a creative partner to cultivate their unique artistry while maximizing commercial success.

In September 2020, Hipgnosis Songs Fund announced the full acquisition of Big Deal Music, including the company’s US publishing admin business, Words & Music.

The entirety of Big Deal Music, including Words & Music, was rebranded to Hipgnosis Songs Group.


Teddy Swims "Lose Control" Hits #1 on Hot 100, co-written by Julian Bunetta

ARTIST: Teddy Swims

SONG: "Lose Control"

HIPGNOSIS: Julian Bunetta

Beach House's "Space Song" Hits 1 Billion Streams on Spotify

ARTIST: Beach House

SONG: Space Song

HIPGNOSIS: Alex Scully, Victoria Legrand

Taylor Swift "Cruel Summer" Hits #1 in Top 40

ARTIST: Taylor Swift

SONG: Cruel Summer

HIPGNOSIS: St. Vincent