Journey set the benchmark for power driven ballads throughout their initial period of activity between 1973 and 1987. Driven by the founding and consistent band member Neal Schon, (previously of the band Santana) they released 11 albums during this period. They achieved nineteen top 40 singles in the US, 6 of which were top ten and nearly 50 million albums sold in the US alone.

Their commercial success reached amazing new heights with the addition of vocalist Steve Perry for the 1978 album Infinity, and when Jonathan Cain joined the band for the Escape album of 1981 album, which features the legendary emotive anthem Don’t Stop Believin’, the band catapulted themselves to the very top tier of global success and an arena touring phenomenon. Great musicianship, heartfelt stories, passionate delivery make Journey a band carved into history as one of the true greats.