Starting his career as Zev Love X in the golden age rap group K.M.D., Daniel Dumille remerged in the late 90’s with an elaborate iron mask and became the uber creative, Marvel comic inspired, anti-hero MF Doom and released his landmark debut album Operation: Doomsday. Dumille passed through several aliases including King Geedorah, and then alongside Madlib in the character Madvillain and into the Viktor Vaughn role. By 2004 the next MF Doom album MM…Food emerged. Never resting, Dumille then teamed up with Danger Mouse under the Danger Doom moniker.

By 2009, the rapper had shortened his name to just Doom and was working with Wu-Tang members Ghostface and Raekwon on the Born Like This album. Dumille leaves an incredibly power body of work that will forever leave a strong and intelligent mark on the hip hop landscape. Very disappointingly and unfortunately, Doom passed away on the 31st October 2020 aged just 49.