In 1981 the band The Deele from Ohio featured amongst its members, Kenneth Babyface’ Edmunds and a drummer, Antonio “L.A.” Reid. The band would record three albums and achieve a good level of success on the R&B charts. By the late 80s, Edmunds and Reid began using their talents as songwriters for other artists, including Pebbles, and The Whispers. This led to the creation of the LaFace Record label in 1989, supported by Clive Davis and Arista Records, and became a talent house for very accessible black pop music. The partnership with Babyface nurtured, created and ultimately racked up over 40 Number 1 singles. Included in the L.A. Reid catalogue is the Boyz II Men song End Of The Road, one of the most successful songs of all time, achieving 13 weeks at Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, Number 1 in the UK, the best selling song in the US in 1992 and a double Grammy winner at the 1993 awards.