Godley was born in Manchester and whilst at college met his future musical and creative partner Lol Creme. They began working out of Eric Stewart’s studio Stockport ‘Strawberry Studios’ under the guise of Hotlegs and managed a Number 2 in the UK charts with Neanderthal Man alongside some sizeable US success too.

Everything stepped majorly in 1972 as, Godley, along with partner Creme, really started working together with Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman becoming 10CC and immediately had a Number 2 UK hit with their first release. This was a very sonically inventive and yet hugely commercial band. One song, Une Nuit A Paris, a nine minute three-part mini opera inspired Queen to make Bohemian Rhapsody. Across the next decade the band achieved 11 top ten singles and 8 top 10 albums, a massive achievement.

The band’s first release was Godley’s Donna, which was quickly followed by the band’s first UK Number 1 single, another Godley composition: Rubber Bullets. This song also reached Number 1 in Ireland and performed very well across Europe. This was a technically very adventurous song and has subsequently had multiple lives across TV programs, and film soundtracks becoming virtually a cult classic.

After departing 10CC, Godley moved into technology as well as video making, where he was Grammy nominated for The Police: Synchronicity IN Concert production in 1986.

As Godley & Creme, they released three very progressive albums, featuring the likes of Paul McCartney and Roxy music players. They achieved top ten singles with Under Your Thumb and Wedding Bells from their 1981 album Ismism and Snack Attack gained serious favour with their fanbase.

Let us also not overlook their song Boys In Blue, an important part of the 1990s Manchester City footballing experience.