Elliot Lurie was the lead guitarist, the songwriter and mostly the lead vocalist of his band Looking Glass, delivered the hit single Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) from their debut album Looking Glass. The song reached Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard ranked it as the Number 12 song for 1972. The track had a deep impact; for example, the name “Brandy” doubled in popularity in the US the year following the song’s success. Lurie then followed up upon this success with another Top forty single Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne in 1973.

Great songs do always find new lives, and Elliot Lurie’s work re-appeared in the Marvel Comics Superhero film ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy vol 2’, ‘Lords Of Dogtown’, ‘Charlie’s Angels’, ‘A Very Brady Sequel’ as well as ‘Black Klansman’, the 2018 Spike Lee film.

After leaving Looking Glass in the mid 70’s, Lurie continued to release new repertoire as a solo artist throughout the decade, including the single Disco (Where You Gonna Go).