Christine McVie

British born Mcvie’s piano skills attracted the attention of Peter Green from Fleetwood Mac and she contributed to that band’s Mr Wonderful album. By 1970 she had joined Fleetwood Mac full time and from there she ultimately played an enormous role in the extraordinary global success of this band, with her fully heartfelt songs of love and relationships which took the world by storm.

Songs such as Over My Head and Say You Love Me written by Mcvie propelled the band forward. By 1976 , the band released their Rumours album which became one of the best-selling albums of all time. Mcvie’s contributions were the exceptional Don’t Stop, You Make Loving Fun and the beautiful ballad Songbird. The subsequent album Tusk, released in 1979, includes Mcvie’s  key song Think About Me and the band again toured this album heavily.  The band reconvened with the Mirage album which went to the top of the US charts. Mcvie’s songs such as Hold Me helped drive the album, inspired by her relationship with the Beach Boy Brian Wilson.

Mcvie is a singer, songwriter, keyboardist and vocalist of the very highest standard who has delivered some of the most potent and commercially successful songs of the last 50 years.