6 Jan 2021

Increased Debt Facility


The Board of Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited, the first UK listed investment company offering investors a pure-play exposure to songs and associated intellectual property rights, and its Investment Adviser, The Family (Music) Limited, are pleased to announce that the Company has entered into an agreement with a syndicated group of lenders, with JPMorgan Chase Bank as Lead Arranger, to increase its Revolving Credit Facility from $400 million to $600 million. The Company may request an increase in the Revolving Credit Facility commitment by a further $150 million subject to certain conditions. The increased Revolving Credit Facility will be used in line with the Company's proposed financing strategy, and, in accordance with the Company’s investment policy, total borrowings will not exceed 30% of Net Asset Value1. As the Company grows, and given the now significant size of the Revolving Credit Facility, the Company and its Investment Adviser are continuously exploring and evaluating the most appropriate long term gearing strategy to support growth in shareholder value.