25 Oct 2018

First Interim Dividend Announcement


 Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited is pleased to announce the Company’s first interim dividend (the ‘Dividend’) for the period from admission to 30 September 2018. 

The Dividend of 0.50 pence per Ordinary Share will be payable to Shareholders on the register as at 2 November 2018 with an associated ex-dividend date of 1 November 2018 and a payment date of 29 November 2018. 

As set out in the Company’s prospectus, Hipgnosis is targeting a dividend for the first 12 months following admission of 3.5 pence* and intends to pay interim quarterly dividends to shareholders in November, February, May and August. 

* the target dividend is a target only and is not a profit forecast. There can be no guarantee that this target will be met and it should not be taken as an indication of the Company’s expected or actual future results.