30 Mar 2023

Erika Ender Catalogue Acquisition

Hipgnosis Song Management is pleased to announce the Company’s acquisition of a song catalogue by Erika Ender, the Panamanian singer-songwriter who co-wrote Despacito, one of the defining, post-millennium Latin-pop Songs, which has been played over 3 billion times on Spotify alone.

Ms. Ender’s songs have been featured on more than 200 albums with more than 40 singles topping the US Latin, LATAM and Hispanic charts. As the only Hispanic woman in the history of the Grammys with a nomination for Song of the Year, Ms. Ender is one of the most successful and influential Latin songwriters of all time.

Hipgnosis has acquired a 100% interest in Ms. Ender’s publishing copyrights (including the writer’s share of performance) in all songs in her catalogue published, released or utilized through her Sony Music Publishing deal from 2007 through 2019 including Despacito and more than 25 Number 1 Songs.

The acquisition has been made on behalf of Hipgnosis Songs Capital, a partnership between Hipgnosis Song Management and funds managed by Blackstone.