Our Team

Our Team is comprised of HSM (formerly TFM), its Advisory Board and HSG across multiple locations, including London, Los Angeles, New York and Nashville.

The Company’s Investment Adviser is Hipgnosis Song Management Limited (HSM), formerly The Family (Music) Limited (TFM), which was founded by Merck Mercuriadis.

On 10 September 2020 Hipgnosis Songs Fund acquired the entire share capital of Big Deal Music Group, which was renamed Hipgnosis Songs Group (HSG). The management of the employees has been delegated to the Investment Adviser in its entirety, but retains oversight through the Investment Advisory agreement.

Merck Mercuriadis

Amy Thomson

Ted Cockle

Björn Lindvall

Chris Helm

Richard Rowe

Rosa Mercuriadis

Kenny MacPherson

Nick Jarjour

Rufina Pavry

Tony Barnes

Tom Stingemore

Joe Maggini

Jamie Cerreta

Casey Robison

Dave Ayers

Pete Robinson