Hipgnosis is responsible for the Management of over 150 of the most successful and culturally relevant Song catalogues of all time with a Net Asset Value over $3 billion.

Hipgnosis Song Management is the Investment Adviser for Hipgnosis Songs Fund (SONG.L) and Hipgnosis Songs Capital.

Press Releases

Interim Dividend Announcement

21 Sep 2023

Hipgnosis Songs Fund agrees sale of 29 Catalogues to Hipgnosis Songs Capital

14 Sep 2023

Full Year Results, March 2023

13 Jul 2023

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Hipgnosis features amongst TikTok's 'Songs Of The Summer 2023'

24 Aug 2023


2 of Top 20 of Spotify's 'Songs of the Summer'

23 Aug 2023

The best dance albums of all time, ranked

18 Aug 2023


60 years of the Porsche 911

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Our advisory team combines the music industry expertise of Hipgnosis Song Management Limited, its Advisory Board and Hipgnosis Songs Group (HSG), represented across multiple locations including London, Los Angeles, New York and Nashville. Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited has a non-executive board of directors with extensive music, listed company and financial services industry expertise.

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