The Wombats were formed in Liverpool in 2003 after attending the Institute Of Performing Arts in the city. Two local characters, Matthew Murphy and Dan Haggis plus the addition of a Norwegian Tord Knudsen and they create high grade post punk indie rock, laden with cheek and humour.

They began releasing material from 2006 and slowly garnered a strong and committed following that delighted in their rock star behaviours laced with veins of drunken and foolish goings on. Their debut album Proudly Present…A Guide To Love, Loss And Desperation was released in 2007 and the follow up album The Wombats Proudly Present…The Modern Glitch included the post punk disco classic Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves).  The Glitterbug album followed in 2015 and this majorly added to their success, featuring the singles Greek Tragedy, Give Me A Try and alongside strong UK success the album made good inroads into the US market too.