Hipgnosis & ESG

To achieve our purpose, Hipgnosis has to generate attractive financial returns from our business; to do that we need to have the right resources and relationships in place and to nurture them.

As a consequence of the nature of what we do – music – we have a profound influence on communities and society at large and we recognise that this privilege carries with it significant responsibilities. An important facet of this is having a clear approach to environmental, social and governance matters.

From the outset, the whole team has been aware that there is a careful balance to be struck between our creation of financial value and providing wider social returns. This is why our ulterior motive is at the heart of our stated purpose: That motive is to use the importance of our unparalleled Catalogue and financial clout as influence to improve the songwriter’s position in the economic equation. What is good for Songwriters is good for all of our stakeholders. This ethos flows into wider issues in society and the environment.

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Sustainability Risks and SFDR +
Relations with Stakeholders +
We want to help the communities on whom our success is based +
DCMS Cross-Party Select Committee Inquiry into the Economics of Streaming +
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